Russian Sailors in America

Григорий Лепс и Абель

Russian Captain on American Love Boat

Why, Why, Why?

Abel Raskas-Music
Fay Cohen-Lyrics;
Leonid Grevnov-Vocal/Arrangement

Exprompt Yacht Entertainment -
Gina & the Gypsies

Russian Blues by Jews Brothers

Lady in Red

Oxuevaushie 50

Gina Baumel and Emma Shapplin

Choir Lisix

Bludnii sin-Kartina Repina-Ne Zdali

Abel Popurri

Gigantu Visotskomu

Forbidden Jazz

Mishe Katamaninu Posveschaetsia

Urkin Muppet

Naxuya v Chikago?

Sushkin's Boys

Maxim Dunaevskyi-composer

Drunk Sailor

Bull Dance

Jewish Godfathers

Michael Katamanin

Boogie Woogie

Поздравление сына друга
Мишки Япончика

Buy Land in Siberia Now

Yiddishe Mama by Gina Baumel

Music by Gina Baumel

The Dark Eyes by forbiddenjazz

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